Fischer Custom Communications Products

EMC Hire Ltd represent Fischer Custom Communications, Inc. and are the sole distributor in the UK.

As a manufacturer of RF test and measurement instruments, transient protection devices, and EMP test systems, Fischer designs, develops, and manufactures a wide range of specialized devices.

These instruments are used to test and measure electromagnetic emissions and immunity in electronic equipment, in compliance with regulations set forth by the FCC, FAA and other regulatory bodies.

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Please click on the links below to look at the products available or visit the Fischer website and choose the items you require, send an email to EMC hire via the contact form or to stating the model numbers and quanties you require, alternatively phone +44 (0)1462 817111 for assisstance.

Bulk Current Injection Probes

Bulk Current Injection Probe Fixtures

Current Monitor Probes

Current Monitor Fixtures



50-150ohm Adapters

Capacitive Voltage Probe

EM Injection Clamps and Fixtures



Surface Monitor Probes

Telcom Surge CDN

Tem Cell


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