New EN / IEC 61000 Equipment

posted on: Wednesday, 01 Feb 2017

EMC Hire are pleased to announce additional investment in the following Equipment for EN / IEC 61000 Commercial standards:

  • Compact NX5. The compact Next Generation NX5 is the most versatile tester to address transient and power fail requirements for both international and commercial standards. Featuring an easy-to-use color touch screen, the NX5 provides an economical solution for pre-compliance immunity testing as well as full-compliance testing and CE Marking. Its internal single-phase Coupling/Decoupling Network (CDN) can be extended for testing three-phase EUTs by means of an automatically controlled external CDN up to 200 A per phase.
  • CA HFK. The standard IEC 61000-4-4 Ed 3.0 recommends a new calibration of the capacitive coupling clamp, for which the CA HFK was designed. The capacitive coupling clamp (HFK) is connected to the 50 ohm output of the EFT generator. A flexible insulated plate inside the HFK is connected to a coaxial 50 ohm load resistor for verificate the EFT / Burst wave of the capacitive coupling clamp.



New EN / IEC 61000 Equipment
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