Def Stan 59-411 DCS 06 Generator

posted on: Tuesday, 16 Jun 2020

Exciting news, the Conformity Assessment Business have just delivered a DCS06 test system to EMC Hire. This will fill a big gap in the market for Test Laboratories and Military Equipment Manufacturers that need to carry out the DCS06 test. This British designed, manufactured and supported product meets all key DCS06 parameter requirements and EMC Hire will be the first and only company making this available to UK industry.

For Test Laboratories or Manufacturers that want to progress any formal accreditation using this test generator, the Conformity Assessment Business is making available, free of charge, a comprehensive 11 page test procedure in MS Word format so it can be easily integrated into an existing test procedure documentation system and worked a measurement uncertainty example. 

Read more or find out how to hire the DCS06 Generator, Calibration Jig and Injection Probe from EMC Hire.

Def Stan 59-411 DCS 06 Generator
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