Robust Narda Signal Shark 3110 available at EMC Hire

posted on: Wednesday, 03 Nov 2021

The Narda Signal Shark 3110 offers users a 40MHz real-time Spectrum Analyzer for use in all conditions, giving you the ability to detect and reliably localize hidden, sporadic or brief interference signals whilst on the move. 

The Signal Shark 3110, manufactured in Germany, gives you mobile accuracy at the same levels as you would be able to achieve from laboratory-based instrumentation and features:

40MHz real-time measurement giving gapless, reliable detection of the smallest changes in the RF spectrum with a spectrogram view.

Continuous real-time persistence view, showing every signal change with pixel accuracy in real-time, even detecting hidden signals – 100% POI signals > 3.125 μs.

Easy detection of very weak signals thanks to its High Dynamic Range capability. A combination of high sensitivity and wide, intermodulation-free dynamic range gives the device this unique functionality – DANL (pre-amplifier off/on): -160 dBm/Hz /-167 dBm/Hz

The slightest “touch” on a preset trigger mask causes the SignalShark to record the corresponding signal. A scan rate of up to 40 GHz/s ensures rapid detection, even with very wide frequency bands. 

The Signal Shark includes directional antennas with built-in pre-amps, or you can use your own antennae with the ability to load factors. Its rugged Peli case offers high levels of protection from dust, knocks and rigours of field work, and hot swappable batteries allow for day-long measurements without interruption. 

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Robust Narda Signal Shark 3110 available at EMC Hire
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