Test Laboratory for Hire

posted on: Tuesday, 01 Nov 2022

EMC Hire offers a bespoke EMC laboratory which is configured to allow the use of EMC Hires extensive range of test Products and Test Systems.

The EMC laboratory is the perfect space to perform product development, pre-compliance or even compliance measurements if going down the self-certification route of a CE or UKCA mark.

As a company, EMC Hire understands the importance of flexibility for our customers. Our laboratory is versatile and enables quick changes to test methods, ensures efficiency and quick and easy access to EMC Hire test products and test systems.

Adding more flexibility, EMC Hires customers can self-test with the assurance that support is readily available, or have a Test Engineer permanently supporting and training them on how to use the equipment.

In addition to EMC Hire’s onsite engineers, EMC Technical Specialists are also available through WEMEC Ltd, a partner company of EMC Hire, for additional support or assistance in problem resolution activities.

Please enquire about item 962 for details or click this link for further information

Test Laboratory for Hire at EMC Hire
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