The Fischer Custom Communications non-contact 50-150 Ω Adapters can be used in accordance with CISPR 32 to measure the common mode voltage appearing between multi-pair balanced cable bundles and local ground references. With the F-CVP-1, you do not have to directly contact the metallic conductors in the cable bundle, nor do you have to break the cable bundle in order to install the device.

Please refer to the following list and click on the model to access the data sheet. We would be happy to provide you with a quote if you contact us through the contact page or by phone.


FCC-50-150-CDN-10W Ed4 10kHz - 230MHz 9.5dB +.5dB 10 watts
FCC-801-50-150-BCI 10kHz - 230MHz 9.5dB +.5dB 4 watts
FCC-801-50-150-BCI-1000 10kHz - 1000MHz 9.5dB +.5dB 3 watts
FCC-801-50-150-CDN Ed4 10kHz - 230MHz 9.5dB +.5dB 3 watts
FCC-801-50-150-CDN Ed4-150mm 10kHz - 230MHz 9.5dB +.5dB 3 watts