Company Profile


Specialist test equipment rental since 1972

EMC Hire (the “Company”) has been offering RF and EMC specialist test equipment for hire since it was first created as Elecro-metrics in 1972, owned & managed by John Wombwell. Following the acquisition of Elecro-Metrics Ltd in 1988, which added EMCO antennas & OATS hardware to the existing portfolio, EMC Hire Ltd became the largest UK hire company in its field. 

In October 2016, after owning & managing the successful company for a commendable 44 years, John Wombwell stepped down as director of EMC Hire, and the company entered into partnership with WEMEC Ltd, Frequensys Ltd, and the previous company secretary, Anthea Barker. 

The foremost EMC equipment rental company in the industry today

This partnership seeks to improve the service and efficiency provided to customers of EMC Hire, both existing and new, and hopes to further catapult EMC Hire as the foremost EMC Equipment Rental company in the industry today. 

Our vision is to offer an EMC turnkey solution to enable our customers a central hub for all EMC-related needs.

The partnership with WEMEC Ltd and Frequensys Ltd will also provide customers with an extensive portfolio of additional EMC and electrical related services including on-site measurements, chamber validations and equipment procurement. For more information regarding these partners, please visit our ‘partnerships’ page.