RF & Microwave Cables (700's)

Section 700 Content Consideration

A section devoted to most types of coaxial transmission cable embracing frequencies up to 40GHz. They all exhibit a characteristic impedance of 50 Ohms.

The first sub section RF Coaxial cables RG-214 & RG 223 (DC-2GHz) will cover terminated coax up to 2GHz in the form of double screened RG-214/U, generally terminated in “N” male connectors. The alternative to this is RG-223/U, also double screened but thinner with a higher insertion loss. RG223 is normally terminated with “BNC” but sometimes with “N”. Lengths offered vary from ½ metre on up to 30 metres.  All RG cables 3 metre & over in length come with an insertion loss curve up to 2GHz. Although historically RG214 was deemed to cease operation above 1GHz giving way to microwave cable, we are now calibrating them to 2GHz to enable a single cable to be used with the Bilogs. If they have been carefully terminated then their performance is quite tolerable. We ship all cables in plastic hold-alls to prevent damage to terminations and for general care and identification.

The second sub section Mains leads plus RF Connectors/Adaptors (DC-2GHz) deals with a variety of adaptors that some End Users may be short of or require for a complex set-up. Mains cables have to be hired as an item enabling us to maintain an audit on the rating & safety of each lead. For health & safety all mains cables are tested for leakage & safety before supplying on the hire and are identifiable. We apologise for having to include mains leads as an additional item but events over past years has forced us to do this. Along with the standard Euro leads come four outlet extension blocks and a 25m Wander Drum. Again, previous requests to supply the consultant tester with a complete suite of items has been taken to heart.

A further sub section Microwave Coaxial cables: 18GHz is provided for supplying all standard microwave cable working generally up to 18GHz in various lengths and terminated in precision “N”. Calibration charts with insertion loss are included. May we ask the customer to handle the microwave cables with care avoiding ‘kinks’ or sharp bends.

And finally, a sub-section Microwave Coaxial cables & Adaptors: 40GHz has now emerged to handle some of the products we supply working up to 40GHz. This section of equipment must also be used if working only up to 26GHz. We are also providing a limited selection of inter-cabling adaptors. Typically these will be a thru-wall back-to-back adaptor for screened enclosures.

NOTE: All microwave coax comes in a custom fitted case showing the minimum bending radius. We respectfully ask you, the hirer, to exercise extreme care when working with these cables and not to “kink” them. All cables are inspected upon return & we reserve the right to request payment for replacement if damaged. Their replacement loss varies but is typically several hundred pounds. The few manufacturers that make these cables are not prepared to repair, instead they just offer replacements at full price.

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