Transient Systems

Transient emissions tests involve measuring short duration voltage excursions, usually on the power lines, caused by changing the load state of the EUT. 

Transient Immunity testing consists of applying various transient pulses to the power supply input or cabling of an EUT.  It is used to simulate short duration, high amplitude disturbances that can disrupt or destroy electronic circuitry.


Equipment shall be selected by EMC Hire engineers based on the customer needs, therefore please provide as much information as possible (e.g. applicable standard, test level, test method) when enquiring.

The transient immunity system consists of a transient generator, injection device, monitoring device.  Certain systems also include a laptop with control software, although most can be performed on the front panel of the generator.


The signal level required for the desired test level should be calibrated prior to test.  This calibration can be performed by EMC Hire prior to the hire if required.

Test Support

EMC Hire can provide an Engineer to set up the system at your location if required, or can offer remote assistance via Teamviewer or Teams.

All systems are issued with manufacturers operating instructions or EMC Hire procedures.


Standards that can be provided include:

  • EN 61000-3-2, -3-11, -4-4, -4-5, -4-11
  • ISO 7637
  • Def Stan 59-411 – DCS06
  • Def Stan 61-5 Annex B


System comprises:

Transient Generator


Injection Device


Monitoring Device


CDN (if applicable)     


Test Laptop (if applicable)