WEMEC are an independent specialist engineering consultancy, primarily focussing on Electromagnetic Compatibility. WEMEC are a well-established company with a portfolio of EMC engineers, including individuals with over 20 years of EMC experience.

Some of the key areas within the engineering portfolio include; Test and Measurement, Design, Certification, EMC and Environmental Test/Control Plan Generation, EMC Problems Resolution, Identification of Key Risks and Mitigation, RADHAZ / Emf Assessment, Communication Trials, EMC Training, EMC Laboratory Design and Installations, RF Communications, FMEA Consultancy, Environmental Test and Planning, Project Management, Electrical Design and Integration, Publications, Certification and Safety Management.

WEMEC's engineers offer valuable EMC experience, including lead technical author for the development of Def Stan 61-5, representing the UK on ISO and CISPR international committees, along with management of UKAS accredited EMC test facilities and practical aspects of chamber design for large vehicles & components.

WEMEC's breath of experience in this field gives EMC hire the ability to offer services including EMC product design and integration, interpretation of standards, Test Facility design, training of EMC engineers, guidance on facility accreditations / procedures, guidance on UKAS approval of test standards, and a multitude of other EMC-related activities utilising the practical and theoretical EMC experience of WEMEC Ltd.

WEMEC company profile

Visit WEMEC at www.wemec.co.uk