Why Rent Your Equipment?

•    No Capital Investment

Renting your equipment from EMC Hire means that you are able to meet the demands of your business without committing to significant upfront costs. 

•    Cost Efficiency

You only pay when renting our equipment, meaning you aren’t paying for the time your own equipment would be sat on the shelf gathering dust!

•    Transparent Costs

All of our equipment is hired with a transparent cost which includes all maintenance, administration, calibration & verification, meaning the price you see is the price you pay!

•    Tax deductible 

As the rental of equipment is a tax deductible expense, rather than a capital purchase, this allows you to write off the cost against your corporation tax bill. 

•    Try before you buy

For our customers which are looking to invest in new equipment purchases, hiring from us allows you to test the equipment and ensure it meets all of your requirements before committing.

•    No lead times

There is no need to wait for new products to be manufactured and no risk of delayed release dates. 

•    Technology Obsolescence

We are continually updating our equipment inventory with the latest EM / RF Test Equipment from a large range of providers, meaning we will likely be able to meet your requirements. 


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