EMC Item no.: 903
  • Test Systems
  • On Site Testing or Survey
Frequency: 30MHz-1GHz

Product description

Previously known as theNSTLtest now CISPR/A/499/FDIS. Oct 2004. This service applied to fully lined/tiled chambers and again entails the use of our dedicatedantennas with \"free field\"" calibration figures at approx 3M distance. The Rx antenna in a F.A.R. is at a fixed height of 1.55M. The transmit antenna is the miniature Schwarzbeck bicon model VUBA 9117. EMCH has written its own software to drive a Spectrum Analyser for swept data analysis. The test will involve up to fifteen swept positions over three different heights & five positions on the cylindrical plane for both V and H, thirty in all. An EMCH engineer will perform the test and submit data in the form of a report with graphical representation. The customer can maintain this report as part oftheir site quality audit.