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  • DEF STAN 59-411
  • DEF STAN 61-5
  • MIL STD 461
Test Mode: Immunity
Test Type: System
Frequency: 20Hz-150kHz

There is a minimum 3-day hire period

Product description

During Conducted Immunity (CI) testing over an Audio Frequency range, voltages are applied to the supply lines of the Equipment Under Test (EUT) in order to confirm that the levels do not degrade its performance or cause deviations from the specifications of the EUT.

An integrated Conducted Immunity system is included along with a function generator, amplifier, voltmeter, power meter and probe, injection transformer, load, capacitor (if required) as well as interconnecting cables with terminations suited to the devices provided.

EMC Hire engineers will select equipment based on the customer's needs, so please provide as much information as possible (e.g. applicable standard, test level, etc.).

The injection device will be an injection transformer which will subject the EUT to the applicable levels.

The voltmeter can be used, depending on the standard applied, to measure the voltage at the EUT.

laptop containing RadiMation test software is included in the system, which will be preloaded with the appropriate test configurations including factors. A software operating procedure is also included to guide you through using the software as well as setup photos to help you assemble the equipment.

We invite you to visit our facility for a demonstration and training, or EMC Hire can provide an engineer to set up the system at your location if necessary, or provide remote assistance via Teamviewer or Teams.

General specification

The specification of the test equipment for this group is tailored around the customer's requirement.

Frequency ranges and test levels vary depending on the standard applied, our engineers will advise on the best equipment to meet your requirements.

The table below shows some of the available options for the Audio Frequency Conducted Immunity system.  Include the option number in your enquiry to aid in the item selection.

Option No.

Test Method



Def Stan 59-411: DCS01

Air, Land & Sea Service


Def Stan 59-411: DCS03

Air, Land & Sea Service


Mil Std 461: CS101

Full System (All applications)


Def Stan 61-5: DIT03.A

 Land - Platform

In response to your enquiry via phone or through this website, an engineer will contact you to discuss your requirements. We advise that you download the below Test Systems Enquiry Form to expedite the process and ensure that your requirements are fully understood and met.

Test Systems Enquiry Form Download Send to Support@emchire.co.uk