EMC Item no.: 181
  • Analysers / Receivers / Power Meters
  • Health & Safety Instrumentation
  • Tuneable Receivers and Analysers
Test Mode: Field
Test Type: Electric
Manufacturer: Narda
Frequency: 8kHz - 8GHz

Product description

The Narda SignalShark 3310 derives its success in measurement from the interplay of its highly developed senses. Its 40 MHz real-time bandwidth captures the spectrum of even very short-pulsed signals > 3.125 µs with a POI of 100 %. This guarantees a consistent awareness of all spectrum events. Due to its distinguished analysis functions as real-time spectrum, spectrogram and persistence, measured signals are analyzed with a very high frequency and time resolution. SignalShark provides comprehensive measurement solutions for the increasingly complex RF spectrum. 

In combination with the manual and automatic antennas, the SignalShark is perfectly suited for the direction finding of radiated signals "Angle of Arrival" AoA, the localization of emitters by triangulation or the heat map and "Homing", the search for interference in the immediate vicinity. In addition, the SignalShark supports localization according to the TDOA principle.

The Narda SignalShark 3310 will be provided with 6 rechargeable batteries providing a total of 9 hours operational time without charging.



General specification

Frequency range: 8kHz - 8GHz
Antenna 1 frequency range: 20MHz - 250MHz
Antenna 2 frequency range: 200MHz - 500MHz
Antenna 3 frequency range: 400MHz - 6GHz
Real time instantaneous bandwidth: 40MHz
Scan rate: > 50GHz/s @ RBW = 1.6MHz
Full span: > 32GHz/s @ BRW = 100kHz
Battery operating time: 9 hours without charging (3 hours per pair)


Full automatic direction finding

High dynamic range (HDR) reciever


Software Options available -

Analog Demodulation

SCPI Remote Control - This allows the Narda Script Launcher to be installed.

Spectrogram - Visual representation of the recorded spectrums versus time. Colours represent the signal level. The smallest selectable time resolution is 31.25μs. Detectors compress the high-speed real-time spectrums down to the selected time resolution.

Level Meter including Compass values - Shows the results from an independent receiver path with channel filter.

VITA 49 - Shows the basic measurement parameter settings while streaming I/Q data according to the Vita 49 standard.

Automatic DF antenna control - Shows azimuth, elevation, DF quality, and omnidirectional RMS level derived from the Narda automatic DF antenna (ADFA).

Horizontal Scan - Automatic direction finding of a signal source. Polar diagram with information on the field distribution and indication of direction towards the signal source for recognition of reflections and common channel interference. Numerical display of level, azimuth (angle from North), elevation (angle above horizon) and polarization. Extremely steep channel filters for clean separation of even closely spaced frequencies. Demodulation of USB, LSB, AM and FM with facility for recording.