AGILENT 87405C Signal Amplifier

EMC Item no.: 448
  • RF Amplifiers & Pre-Amps
  • Pre-Amplifiers
Test Mode: Emissions
Manufacturer: Agilent
Frequency: 100MHz-18GHz

Product description

A moderate gain, low noise pre-amplifier for increasing the sensitivity of microwave spectrum analysers & receivers (effectively dropping the noise floor). Typically used with R&S ESIB-26/40 or HP8593EM (Item 116/114). Unit is normally powered by mains via an accompanying power unit with plug-in socket providing the DC. 

General specification

Frequency Range: 100MHz to 18GHz

I/P - O/P Impedance: 50Ω

Connectors: N-type

PSU Power Req: 240vac, 0.1A

Size: 24cm x 9cm x 16cm

Weight: 2.3kg