EMC Item no.: 681
  • Couplers / Loads / Filters / Attenuators / Peripherals
  • Auxillary Test and Monitoring Equipment
Test Mode: Immunity
Test Type: Chamber
Manufacturer: Allen

There is a minimum 3-day hire period

Product description

This system comprises a Baxall CC210 colour camera with C1056 16mm lens, camera adaptor and stepper ring which integrates into a 3m long x 6mm dia. fibrescope. Resolution is 30K pixels. Focus: 10mm to 200mm. Field View: 60 degrees. Construction: Fibrescope contained in non-conducting polyurethane shaft with 100mm bending radius and radial end focusing. Camera feeds via 75ohm cable into a JVC 14” colour monitor. Included with system is the Allen 160-150 240vac light source using a 150Watt quartz halogen lamp. This again feeds through a 3m long x 8mm dia. non-conducting light guide.