EMC Item no.: 171
  • Health & Safety Instrumentation
Test Mode: Field
Test Type: Magnetic
Manufacturer: Alphalab

There is a minimum 3-day hire period

Product description

The Model GM1-HS is a 1-axis meter and measures the strength and polarity of magnetic fields up to 80mT or 799.99Gauss. It measures magnetization of ferrous metals, solenoids and the far field of strong magnets. The thin sensor is at the end of a 100 cm flexible cable. The sensor tip is also flexible and can be bent for a variety of situations. The sensor can be held against the surface of a steel part to check for residual magnetism or to measure inside a DC Solenoid. It is also used to map fields from large magnets. The meter has immediate turn-on and updates 4 times a second.


General specification

Frequency:                           DC 

Axes:                                   1-axis

Range:                                 80mT or 799.99G with polarity indicator

Resolution:                           10uT or 0.01G (1/50 of the Earth’s

                                            typical field)

Accuracy:                              +/-1% of reading (16° to 29°C);

                                            +/-2% (-4° to 65°C)

Offset:                                  Auto Zero. Also fine offset

                                            (0.01 gauss resolution)

Probe (non-detachable):       2.3 (thick) x 4.8 x 24 mm

                                            on 100 cm cable

Battery:                                9 volt alkaline (~ 20 hour life) and

                                            "Low Battery" indicator