EMC Item no.: 327
  • Antennas / Near Field Probes
  • Low Frequency Electric Field
Test Mode: Immunity
Test Type: Radiated
Manufacturer: Amplifier Research
Frequency: 10KHz-30MHz

Product description

The AR AT3000 is a wideband E-field generator from Amplifer Research Corp.

Incorporated into this instrument is a broadband matching transformer and has no band switching. The “E” field runs between the elements.

This device uses low-inductance, high power internal load resistors.

The AT3000 is very portable and comes delivered with a clamp mount and extender rod for mounting.

A tripod (Item 800) should be considered to complete the mounting procedure.

Very similar to item 326 but handling more power.


General specification

Frequency Range:                       10kHz to 30MHZ

Input Impedance:                        50 Ohms

Max Power Capability:                  1kW

Connector:                                   N-type (Adapted from C-type)

Element Separation:                     61cm


Other accessories are available - please contact us