BCI-240 BCI, Bulk Current Injection Immunity (Standard)

EMC Item no.: 951
  • Test Systems
  • Conducted Immunity Group
Test Mode: Immunity
Test Type: System
Frequency: 10kHz-400MHz

Product description

This comprises one singular BCI Immunity probe of any type (and its calibration jig) from section 200 (customer selected) and a signal generator, power amplifier (customer selected), power meter and probe, plus accessory kit. ITEM 951Kit contains a dual directional coupler, 50 ohm load(s) a 6dB attenuator. Also a suite of RG223 cables with terminations suited to the devices supplied. This group would enable the end user to test in manual mode unless the end user has a software routine with drivers for signal generator and power meter. We strongly advise the hirer to make use of our software package already configured on a laptop (Item 124).

General specification

The specification of the test equipment for this group is tailored around the customer's requirement.