CDS-150 ohm Standard CDN Injection Conducted Immunity System

EMC Item no.: 950
  • Test Systems
  • Conducted Immunity Group
Test Mode: Immunity
Test Type: System
Frequency: 150kHz-250MHz

Product description

This comprises one singular CDN of any type (and its calibration jig) from Section 500 (Customer Selected) with a signal generator, power amplifier (Customer Selected), power meter & probe, plus accessory kitcontaining a Dual directional coupler, a 50 ohm load, a 6dB attenuator, and a suite of RG223 cables with terminations suited to the devices supplied. This group would enable the end user to test in manual mode unless the end user has a software routine with drivers for signal generator & power meter. If customer envisages difficulty with this system a complete unit called the CWS-500 which can be found under Item 592 will contain all the above in one single equipment. We strongly advise the hirer to make use of our software package already configured on a laptop(Item 124).

General specification

The specification of the test equipment for

this group is tailored around the customer's