Chamber Field Uniformity Measurement. 80MHz-1GHz

EMC Item no.: 900
  • Test Systems
  • On Site Testing or Survey
Frequency: 80MHz-1GHz

Product description

This service entails the use of an NPL calibrated field probe, and a broadband antenna (or customer\'s antenna), a power meter, signal generator plus RF amplifier and ancillary equipment. All sixteen points are measured over the range 80MHz-1GHz. Our Software then does the appropriate calculations in a 0 to +6dB presentation rejecting a possible 25% plus the 3% relaxation option. An engineer will perform the test in both vertical and horizontal polarisation. The data will then be submitted in the form of a report which will include a report file, a calibration file & an error file with supporting graphical presentation. The computer file then reports out a pass/no pass result. The customer can then maintain this as part of his site quality audit. Any serious anomalies discovered early on could allow the test to be abandoned allowing meantime rectification to take place. F.U above 1GHz is often undertaken using the "Independent" method. This helps where microwave power is limited.