EMC Item no.: 661
  • Couplers / Loads / Filters / Attenuators / Peripherals
  • LF & RF Filters
Test Mode: General
Test Type: Transient Limiter
Manufacturer: Electro-Metrics
Frequency: 9kHz-300MHz

There is a minimum 3-day hire period

Product description

Used during the measurement of conducted emissions on output of transducers, ie. LISNS or current probes, before connection to receivers/analysers, preventing transient spikes from damaging the i/p. Additional attenuation may also be needed.


General specification

Frequency range:                 9kHz – 300MHz

Insertion Loss:                     10 ± 0.5dB

Input Connector:                  BNC(m)

Output Connector:                BNC(f)