EM-6952 Log Periodic Antenna. 1GHz - 18GHz. 5W only.

EMC Item no.: 385
  • Antennas / Near Field Probes
  • UHF-Microwave Antenna
Test Mode: Emissions
Test Type: Radiated
Manufacturer: Electro-Metrics
Frequency: 1GHz-18GHz

Product description

The EM-6952 log periodic antenna is a linearly polarised broadband antenna operating from 1 to 18GHz and can be used as either a transmitting (low power) or receiving antenna. It comes with a handbook providing AF; gain dBi and gain numeric. Typical figures show the AF of 25dBs at 1GHz; 44dBs at 10GHz and falling off to 53dBs at 18GHz. Cal figures are actually shown up to 20GHz. Its limited to 5 Watt i/p. Another role is in Field Uniformity Testing. Unlike the double ridge guide antennas there is a wider beam width. Average beamwidth is 70 degrees in the “E” plane and 125 degrees in the “H” plane.

General specification


Frequency Range: 200MHz-2GHz

Impedance: 50 Ohm

Max i/p Power Continuous: 1kW

Max Peak Input Power: 1.3kW

Connector: N female


Height: 6.4cm

Width: 85.6cm

Depth: 73.7cm

Weight: 2.0kg