EMC Item no.: 544
  • Transient Generators / Harmonic & Flicker Analysers
  • Coupling, De-Coupling Networks and Clamps
  • EN-61000-4-5 : Surge Immunity
Test Mode: Transient
Test Type: Surge
Manufacturer: EMC Partner

There is a minimum 3-day hire period

Product description

A CDN for superimposing surge impulses on balanced communication lines in accordance with IEC 61000-4-5 and ITU-T- K44/K20,K21. Designed for 1.2/50us and 10/700us Surge pulse coupling up to 6.6kV on 2 pair (4 wires) balanced communication lines. Specially designed to fulfill the requirements of high speed communication lines. Examples are:- Analogue subscriber lines, 600Ω,2 wire. 24-60V, 20..100ma, 100Hz-3.4kHz (50Hz-16kHz); ISDN 100Ω, 4 wire 25-80kHz, 192 kbits/s; ADSL 100Ω,4 wire, 1V, 25-1104kHz up to 8Mbits/s ; Ethernet 100Ω, 4 wires 10&100 Mbits/s; USB 90Ω, 2 wire + 2 wire supply, 5v, 200ma, 1.5Mbits/s & 12Mbits/s; Interbus; 4 wire+ 1ground wire, 5v, 800ma, up to 500kBits/s; Profibus, 2 wire, up to 500kBits/s; ASI 2 wire, 2v, 100ma; Can-bus, 2 wire; RS422, 2 wire.

The CDN uses a 20mH 4-coil current compensated choke for decoupling EUT’s and auxiliary equipment. The specially designed choke allows a very wide communication bandwidth. For use with item 537.