EMC Item no.: 822
  • Masts / Tripods / Turntables / Antenna Adaptors
  • Masts & Turntables
Test Mode: Emissions & Immunity
Test Type: Mounting Hardware
Manufacturer: EMCO

There is a minimum 3-day hire period

Product description

This mast is engineered to take an RF screened 1/2hp induction motor for air operated antenna polarisation. The motor unit is usually controlled via a 20 metre fibre optic link to the 2090 GPIB’d table top controller (Item 824). It can also be operated by a hand controller (Sub Item 822A). The mast is well adapted for either OATS or chamber and has out-riggers and “guy ropes” for stability. On this mast an air operated antenna polarisation boom is fitted and a small quiet electric air pump working through a 20 metre hose is included. For operation, a 230vac 13A outlet socket within 1 metre of the mast’s location will be required. The small air pump also requires a 13A outlet but can be positioned some 20 metres away. The test or control area must be limited to about 20 metres distance because of fibre optics. NOTE: If your requirements are outside of these limits, then please inform Hire Dept. who can arrange customised control cables at a small additional cost.

Please specify the height you wish the mast to be rigged when ordering. Don’t forget to order either the hand or electronic controller .

General specification

Height variation 1-4 metres.