EMC Item no.: 343
  • DEF STAN 59-411
  • MIL STD 461
  • Shielding Effectiveness
  • Antennas / Near Field Probes
  • HF-VHF Antennas
Test Mode: Emissions
Test Type: Radiated
Manufacturer: EMCO
Frequency: 30MHz-300MHz

There is a minimum 3-day hire period

Product description

Model 3110P is a high performance receiving antenna only. The balun, feedline, and element housing give the 3110P response curves that are almost linear, making it ideal for swept measurements. It uses a sensitive solid state balun tx. Really designed for work within a chamber, as signal powers more than 0dBm (1mW) can saturate above 150MHz.

NOTE: The P after the model number denotes that a collapsible antenna cage is used instead of the fixed cage. This is for ease of packaging.


General specification

Frequency Range:                   30-300MHz

Impedance matched to:          50 Ohm

Connector:                             Type “N”.

Power Capability:                    <0dBm (1mW). See handbook

Assembled Length:                 132.1cm (52.0”)

Element Diameter:                 50.8cm (20.0”)

Balun Depth Max:                  55.9cm (22.0”)


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