EMC Item no.: 803
  • Masts / Tripods / Turntables / Antenna Adaptors
  • Tripods, Extensions and Probe Mounts
Test Mode: General
Test Type: Mounting Hardware

There is a minimum 3-day hire period

Product description

This is a very lightweight EMCO support tripod made in Linen Phenolic with telescopic legs. The top mounting platform (non-tilting) is machined from Delrin and contains a vertical ¼” UNC steel attaching stud. The feet are rubber and when spread form a circle of diameter 0.9m. It was primarily engineered to support such devices as the smaller Double Ridged Guide antenna family and similar lightweight Horns. It was intended to be as microwave transparent as possible. Dimensions: Minimum height:98cm. Maximum height, legs extended: 1.63cm. Weight: 4.1kg. Maximum load: 20kg