EMC Item no.: 228
  • Current Probes / Clamps / LISNs / CDNs
  • Injection Probes & Calibration Jigs
Test Mode: Immunity
Test Type: Calibration
Manufacturer: Fischer

Product description

Bulk Current Injection Probe Calibration Fixtures are a part of the test equipment required by most of the Bulk Current Injection test procedure specifications. This test fixture allows the user the quickly and easily calibrate the injection probe prior to performing compliance testing.

This calibration fixture offers two important benefits.

1. Due to variable circuit impedances or resonances in cables and cable looms, the calibration fixture is used to establish the forward power into the injection probe needed to develop the specified currents in the system under test.

2. The fixture can be used to measure the injection probe’s insertion loss.

General specification

Frequency range: 10kHz - 400MHz
Weight: 2.5kg
Dimensions: 250mm x 177mm x 175mm