Fischer F-120-6A Bulk Current Injection Probe

EMC Item no.: 258
  • Current Probes / Clamps / LISNs / CDNs
  • Injection Probes & Calibration Jigs
Test Mode: Immunity
Test Type: Conducted
Manufacturer: Fischer
Frequency: 10kHz-400MHz

Product description

This is a bulk current injection probe that is used for various type of conducted immunity, ie. Military and Commercial.

The calibration jig for this is Item 251. 


General specification

Frequency Range:               10kHz to 400MHz

Maximum power rating:       100W for 30 mins *

Insertion loss:                    -5dB (linear range)

Internal Diameter:               40mm

Upper freq range covered by item 246 or 255.

* Application of powers >100W for periods exceding

30 minutes should be done with extreme caution to

avoid excessive heating or damage of the injection

probe's core materials.