EMC Item no.: 447
  • Pre-Amplifiers
Test Mode: General
Test Type: Conducted & Radiated
Manufacturer: Narda

There is a minimum 3-day hire period

Product description

A high gain pre-amplifier for microwave work. Unit is powered by mains via a plug-in socket providing the +12v DC. Also included are two 0.5m lengths of Utiflex UFA-147A extending the K(f) i/p o/p connections on the amplifier. If the output is feeding an antenna then visit items 748-753 for custom lengths of the above 40GHz Utiflex cable. The amp is permanently mounted on an aluminum box below with inbuilt cooling fan and its own on/off switch.


General specification

Frequency range:                 18GHz to 40GHz

Gain:                                  30dB Nominal

I/P-O/P Z:                           50Ω

Gain flatness:                      4dB

Noise Figure:                       6.5dB typical

Max safe I/P power:             0dBm

I/O:                                    via “K”(f) connectors