EMC Item no.: 806
  • Masts / Tripods / Turntables / Antenna Adaptors
  • Tripods, Extensions and Probe Mounts
Test Mode: General
Test Type: Mounting Hardware

There is a minimum 3-day hire period

Product description

The NCM-155 has been produced for the compact FARs to mount in particular the new range of Bilogs to be mounted at 1.55m height and allow the antenna to swing into vertical polarisation without interference from tripod legs. It principally applies to the range of Bilog antennas used in compact FARs, viz. CBL6116 and CBL 6141A. But all Bilogs in the catalogue can be connected to this device. It consists of a 91cm (36”) square base of nylon to which the main sections of the TRX-36 are attached with an extender unit to adequately reach the 1.55m without adjustment to the limit. At the top is connected a DCM-A4 (item 847) It is a much lighter weight version of item 805.