EMC Item no.: 813
  • Masts / Tripods / Turntables / Antenna Adaptors
  • Tripods, Extensions and Probe Mounts
Test Mode: General
Test Type: Mounting Hardware

Product description

A further extension on the NCTM-90. This device has a fourth telescopic extension taking it up to 138cm from base to top. It stands on a nylon square 2ft x 2ft base or if requested a 36cm (14”) diameter base (like the NCTM-90) and has a height adjustment from 52cm up to 1.38 metres. Extra height can be achieved by hiring Items 809/810 which can be screwed in between base and outer shaft. The mounting connector at the apex can be selected to accommodate nearly all devices. It can also be used to support either an antenna (on the square base) or probes. The initial mounting socket is a 7/8unf screw thread into which numerous adapters can be installed. Please state what interface you require to suit your antenna/probe.