EMC Item no.: 906
  • Test Systems     &     Laboratory Hire
  • On Site Testing or Survey
Test Mode: EMF Survey
Test Type: Electric
Frequency: 10kHz-40GHz

There is a minimum 3-day hire period

Product description

This is usually accomplished using and R&S Spectrum Analyser under laptop computer control with EMCH software. This will entail a rod antenna from 10kHz-30MHz following on with a Bilog from 30MHz-1-5GHz. Horns would then be used on up to a higher microwave frequency. Upper frequency ranges will be done in both vertical and horizontal polarizations. A peak hold facility is available with the Analyser to capture intermittent signals over a specified period of time. Variations on the itinerary can be discussed upon number of locations to be tested and the duration of the sweep periods. A petrol generator can be used where there is no mains available. This service is often used where there are possible Health and Safety issues. A report is submitted