Rigol RP1025D 25MHZ High Voltage Differential Probe

EMC Item no.: 606
  • Voltage Probes
Manufacturer: Rigol
Frequency: DC-25MHz

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Product description

The Rigol RP1025D series high voltage differential probe can convert high differential input voltage to low voltage and display the waveform on an oscilloscope. Its working frequency is up to 25MHz, it is suitable for large electricity tests as well as research and development.

General specification

Frequency range: DC - 25MHz
Maximum input voltage: 1400V or 450Vrms
Output voltage: ≤ +/-7V
Output impedance: 50Ω
Bandwidth: X50 or X200 attenuation ratio: DC - 25MHz (-3dB)
  X20 attenuation ratio: DC - 15MHz