Rohde & Schwarz SMT03 RF / Microwave Signal Generator

EMC Item no.: 508
  • Signal Generators
Test Mode: Computer
Manufacturer: Aeritalia
Frequency: 5 kHz - 3GHz

Product description

A versatile signal generator working from 5KHz to 3GHz, with output level from +13dBm to -144dBm. Includes RF & LF sweeping functions. AM, FM, & PM, but no Pulse modulation.




General specification

Frequency Range: 5KHz to 3GHz

Level Range: +13dBm to -144dBm.

Level Resolution: 0.1dB.

AM frequency: 0.1Hz to 50KHz.

FM frequency: DC to 8MHz, Deviation: up to 40MHz.

Phase frequency: DC to 2MHz.

There is no Pulse modulation capability.