Thurlby Thandar TTI-1600 DC & Single Phase LISN

EMC Item no.: 264
  • Regulation 10
  • EN-61000-6-3 & 4 : Generic Emissions
  • Current Probes / Clamps / LISNs / CDNs
  • LISNs
Test Mode: Emissions
Test Type: Conducted
Manufacturer: TTI
Frequency: 9kHz-30MHz

Product description

This is a single phase (or DC) unit with UK 13A plug and socket connections, conforming to CISPR-16. This LISN contains a built-in switchable 10dB attenuator which must be switched in when connecting the RF output to the receiving apparatus.  It may be switched out once it has been established that no transients are present that could cause damage to the measuring equipment’s input attenuator.

NOTE: Please be aware that this device produces earth leakage current that may trip earth leakage breakers and a special environment is required.


General specification

RF frequency range:             9kHz to 30MHz

Power frequency:                 DC & 50-60Hz. 

Max current:                        16A

Max Voltage:                        DC - 250V line - line or earth

                                           AC (50/60Hz) - 264Vrms line-line or

                                           line-earth, 400Hz - 66Vrms line-line,

                                          132Vrms line-earth

Network inductance:             50/250µH

Network impedance:             50ohm nominal

Power connectors:                13A plug and socket

RF connector:                       BNC