posted on: Monday, 11 Feb 2019
EMC Hire Ltd is recruiting for a competent & motivated Electrical / RF Engineer to join our team
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EMF Directive Equipment includng the SRM-3006 is now available

posted on: Tuesday, 28 Feb 2017
Electric & Magnetic Field Meters now available for hire
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New EN / IEC 61000 Equipment

posted on: Wednesday, 01 Feb 2017
Compact NX5 and HFK Conductive Clamp available now
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New staff at EMC Hire

posted on: Tuesday, 10 Jan 2017
EMC Hire welcome experienced Senior EMC Engineer to their team
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Dare!! Power Meters now in stock

posted on: Monday, 09 Jan 2017
RPR3006W & RPR2006C RadiPower® Power Meters
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New Schwarzbeck Stacked Log-Periodic Antenna

posted on: Monday, 19 Dec 2016
Schwarzbeck STLP 9149 Stacked Log-Periodic Antenna
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Investment in Automotive Test Equipment

posted on: Friday, 02 Dec 2016
EMTest UCS200N, LD200N, VDS200N30 and Autowave now available
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FischerCC BCI & Current Probes

posted on: Wednesday, 16 Nov 2016
Purchase of FCC-BCICF-1, F-120-6A and F-55A
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New Owners of EMC Hire

posted on: Friday, 28 Oct 2016
EMC Hire enters into partnership with WEMEC & Frequensys
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