Many companies don’t do pre-compliance testing and hope that their product passes first time in a EMC test Laboratory, sometimes this strategy works but often this ends up costing companies far in excess of the original budget, this can be due to failures during the compliance EMC testing phase. These additional costs can be built up of re-design as well as repeating the tests. 

For most companies this risk of failing EMC testing possess a substantial risk to project timeless and budgets. Pre-compliance testing can de-risk the impacts on time and budget and ensure your products hit the market place according to the planned targets.

Unfortunately, EMC test equipment is not cheap, and standards now a days call for a wide range of test types which in turn require excessive capital expenditure in the test equipment as well as the competent engineers to perform the tests. EMC hire alleviates this problem by offering short term hire of the test equipment along with guidance and support for performing the tests.


The below link gives some examples of equipment that can be used for pre-compliance or compliance testing.


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