EMC Hire Ltd has teamed with several partners, with a vision of becoming the UK's first 'EMC Hub'. WEMEC Ltd and Frequensys Ltd partnered with EMC Hire Ltd in 2016 along with the previous company secretary, Anthea Barker, with John Wombwell stepping down after a commendable 44 years as director.

Since this partnership, EMC Hire has been further catapulted as the foremost UK EMC Equipment Rental company in the industry today. 

The partnership with WEMEC Ltd and Frequensys Ltd also provides customers with an extensive portfolio of additional EMC and electrical related services including on-site measurements, chamber validations and equipment procurement.  

Along with this partnership, EMC hire Ltd is also the only approved distributer in the UK for Electo-Metrics products.


Our mission is to offer an EMC turnkey solution to enable our customers a central hub for all EMC-related needs.



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