EMC Item no.: 902
  • Test Systems     &     Laboratory Hire
  • On Site Testing or Survey
Frequency: 30MHz-1GHz

There is a minimum 3-day hire period

Product description

This services applies to chambers with a ground plane and again emulates the calibration described for Item 901 although generally measured over 3M with transmitting cal figures for 1M, 1.5M vertical and 1M and 2M horizontal transmitting. The Rx antenna is then height scanned. EMCH uses the same calibration (RSM) as achieved in Item 901 at NPL. An engineer will perform the test and submit data in the form of a report. This test is just as involved and lengthy as the previously standard OATS test described in Item 901. A full report is submitted showing deviation from the required +&-4dB conformance. The customer can maintain this as part of their site quality audit.