EMC Item no.: 678
  • Couplers / Loads / Filters / Attenuators / Peripherals
  • Directional Couplers and Switches
Test Mode: Immunity
Test Type: Radiated
Manufacturer: Amplifier Research
Frequency: 0.8-18GHz

There is a minimum 3-day hire period

Product description

The AR DC7420-M1 dual directional coupler is used to measure forward and reverse power, for example, at the output for an amplifier or at the input to a device.


General specification

Frequency range:                  0.8GHz -18GHz.

Power handling:                    50W  

Sampling Ports:                     -20dB

Connectors:                           N-type(f) and N-type(f)

                                              with adaptors

Directivity:                            15dB typical. 12dB min.

Insertion Loss:                      1.6dB max.

VSWR:                                 1.5:1

Flatness:                              0.5dB max.