EMC Item no.: 815
  • Masts / Tripods / Turntables / Antenna Adaptors
  • Tripods, Extensions and Probe Mounts
Test Mode: General
Test Type: Mounting Hardware

There is a minimum 3-day hire period

Product description

A further extension on the NCTM-100. This device has a fifth telescopic extension taking it up to 200cm (2m) from base to top. It stands on a nylon base 36cm (14”) diameter or the 2ft square base and has a height adjustment from 52cm up to 2 metres. Extra height can be achieved by hiring Items 813A which can be added on top or items 809/810. It was intended to be used to support some of the smaller antennas or where spacing is need for bi-conical elements. Supplied are two thread adaptors from a 7/8"UNF(f) to either 1/4"UNC(m) or 5/8"UNC(m). Also state which base you require.