EMC Item no.: 272
  • Antennas / Near Field Probes
  • Near Field Probes
Test Mode: Emissions
Manufacturer: EMCO
Frequency: 300Hz-1GHz

Product description

A set of three magnetic field and two electric field probes for use as a diagnostic aid in solving emissions problems. The set also includes an extension handle and pre-amplifier with cable. Although the pre-amplifier only covers the range 300Hz-600MHz the probes alone can be used up to at least 1GHz.

General specification

Frequency Range:   300Hz-600MHz (with pre-amp)

                              100kHz-1GHz + (without pre-amp)

Probe type:            901 - 60mm loop

                             902 - 30mm loop

                             903 - 10mm loop

                             904 - 36mm ball

                             905 - 6mm stub tip

Pre-amplifier:        Bandwidth - 300Hz-600MHz

                            Gain - 18dB (typical)

                            Noise (ref. 50ohms) - -6dB (typical)

DC supply:            6V Dry Cells

                            Battery life – 20hrs (typical)

Ancillaries:          1m BNC to BNC lead, N(m) to BNC(f) adaptor, 4 spare cells, handbook, case

Weight:                1.7kg

Dimensions:          320mm x 250mm x 80mm