EMC Item no.: 168
  • RADHAZ / EMF Meters / Field Probes
  • Electric and Magnetic Field Probes
  • Health & Safety Instrumentation
Test Mode: EMF Survey
Test Type: Magnetic
Manufacturer: Narda
Frequency: 1Hz-400kHz

There is a minimum 3-day hire period

Product description

The Narda ELT-400 Magnetic field meter facillitates measurement of low frequency magnetic field exposure against both the ICNIRP General Public and Occupational guidelines. It is extremely easy to operate using just 6 buttons and can be used practically anywhere. It is ideal for investigating the magnetic fields produced by household equipment or other electrical devices. It's also particularly suitable for applications involving production plant, including welding, smelting and heating, as well as most magnetic stirring equipment. It can handle special requirements such as the pulsed signals or phase control encountered in resistance welding without problems.

The ELT-400 has four ranges:

1. ICNIRP1998 General Public Guidelines

2. ICNIRP1998 Occupational Guidelines. 

3. 320uT. 

4. 80mT. 


General specification

Frequency Range: 1Hz to 400kHz
Length of head to connector: 300mm
Ball Diameter: 125mm
Operating time: 12Hrs
Overload limit: 80mT
Refresh rate: x4/sec
Weight: 910g (with probe)


This item has a 3 orthogonal magnetic sensor head.

Uses a standard-compliant 100 cm² probe.

The lower freq range can be set at 1Hz, 10Hz or 30Hz.

Reads “peak” or RMS” value.

A max hold facility enables capture of worst case. 

Values are displayed in uT, mT and as a %.

Analogue outputs also available through RS232 adaptor on side of instrument.