EMC Item no.: 166
  • Analysers / Receivers / Power Meters
  • Health & Safety Instrumentation
Test Mode: Field
Test Type: Electric
Manufacturer: Environmentor
Frequency: 30Hz-2KHz

There is a minimum 3-day hire period

Product description

A pocket sized electric field meter. Measuring 0-1000V/m true rms. Microprocessor controlled with a 10 bit A/D converter. Reading is updated every second. The EM-1 is calibrated to give the same result as an MPR 2 grade instrument (Item 160) when held 50cm distance from a VDU. An RS232 socket is incorporated to download data into the “terminal program” in ms windows.

General specification

Measurement Range: .05uT-100uT. Freq Range: 30Hz - 2kHz (-3dB).

Calibrated Accuracy: ± 10% of reading ±.05uT. Measures: rms value.

Memory capacity: 4096 readings. Sampling Interval: 1-150 secs.

Power: 2 x 1.5 AA cells. Weight 260gm. Dimensions: 152mm x 83mm x 34mm.

Communication: RS232 (9600 Baud) 8 bits, no parity, no handshake.