EMC Item no.: 213
  • Current Probes / Clamps / LISNs / CDNs
  • Current Probes & Clamps
  • Near Field Probes
Test Mode: Emissions
Test Type: Conducted
Manufacturer: Fischer
Frequency: 4kHz-200MHz

Product description

This is a signal current probe for small cables/wires when measuring conducted emissions.


General specification

Frequency Response:            4kHz - 200MHz

Transfer Z dBΩ:                   -1dbΩ above 1MHz

Output impedance:               50 ohms nominal

Imax (primary):                   2A

Isig:                                    1A cw 1A pulse

Output connector:                 SMA with SMA to N-type lead

Aperture:                              5mm

Note: Do not exceed primary current of 2 amp.