EMC Item no.: 172
  • Low Frequency Magnetic Field
  • Near Field Probes
  • Electric and Magnetic Field Probes
Test Mode: Field
Test Type: Magnetic
Manufacturer: Hirst
Frequency: DC and 15Hz to 10kHz

Product description

Hirst Magnetic Instruments GM08 is a gaussmeter that uses a transverse magnetic field probe. 

The GM08 can measure:

• DC magnetic field measurement

• DC PEAK Maximum positive peak reading of the DC field

• AC RMS True RMS (Root mean Square) of input signal

• AC MAX RMS Maximum true RMS (Root mean Square)

• AC PEAK Maximum positive peak reading of the AC f ield

The GMO8 can measure in Tesla, Amps/m, Gauss or Oersted. 

There are RS232 and USB leads for connection to a computer (software not supplied). 

Incorporated is a 'zeroing' receptacle to 'zero' the probe before use. 

There is only one probe supplied with this item. This is a Transverse type probe. 


General specification

Frequency range:                      DC and 15 Hz to 10 kHz

Magnetic field ranges:

Range 1: 0.000 - ±3.000 Tesla (00.00 - ±30.00 kiloGauss)

Range 2: 000.0 - ±299.9 milliTesla (0.000 - ±2.999 kiloGauss)

Range 3: 00.00 - ±29.99 milliTesla (000.0 - ±299.9 kiloGauss)

Range 4: 00.00 - ±2.999 milliTesla (00.00 - ±29.99 kiloGauss)

Units:  Tesla, Gauss, Amps/m or Oersted

Functions:  DC,DC peak, AC RMS, AC PEAK, AC MAX

DC Accuracy Better than ±1% Probe and Gaussmeter

Averaging time 100 milliseconds

Sampling rate 3 readings per second

Temperature coefficient: 

Better than ±0,1 % of reading/°C including probe


Battery Type 4 x AA cells Longif e 1,5V Alkaline