EMC Item no.: 178
  • Analysers / Receivers / Power Meters
  • Health & Safety Instrumentation
Test Mode: Field
Test Type: Magnetic
Manufacturer: Lutron
Frequency: DC & 40Hz-10kHz

There is a minimum 3-day hire period

Product description

This is a magnetic field meter capable of measuring both DC & AC fields.


General specification

Frequency ranges:                    DC & AC 40Hz-10kHz

Units:                                     uT or mGauss
Range:                                    DC or AC, 0.01uT (0.1mG) to

                                              300uT (3,000mG)
Resolution:                              0.01uT (1mGauss).
Modes:                                    Data hold. Record (Max, Min)

Interfaces:                               RS232/USB.
DC supply:                               6off 1.5 V battery (UM-4/AAA)

                                                or DC 9V adapter


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