EMC Item no.: 118
  • Analysers / Receivers / Power Meters
  • Tuneable Receivers and Analysers
Test Mode: Emissions
Test Type: Conducted & Radiated
Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
Frequency: 100kHz-3GHz

Product description

The Rohde & Schwarz FSH3 spectrum analyzer is ideal for rapid, high-precision signal investigations. It provides a large number of measurement functions and so can handle anything from the installation or maintenance of a mobile radio base station, through on-site fault location in RF cables to development and service.

General specification

Resolution bandwidths: 1kHz-1MHz in 1,3 steps
Video bandwidths: 10Hz –1MHz in 1,3 steps
Max input power: +20dBm
Reference level: -80dBm to +20dBm
RF attenuation 0-30dBs in 10dB steps
Display units: Logarithmic: dBm, dBuV, dBmV. Linear: uV, mV, V & nW, mW, W
Trace Detector: Auto peak, Max peak, Sample, RMS
Input impedance: 50Ohm
Input connector N-Type (f)


An RS232 optical interface.

The frequency counter has a 1Hz resolution.