R&S FSH-3 Mains Powered Hand-Held Analyser

EMC Item no.: 118
  • Analysers / Receivers / Power Meters
  • Tuneable Receivers and Analysers
Test Mode: Emissions
Test Type: Conducted & Radiated
Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
Frequency: 100kHz-3GHz

Product description

A very versatile & robust portable hand-held spectrum anayser.

Mains operation only.


General specification

100 traces can be stored for further evaluation on return to base. 

An RS232 optical interface.

The frequency counter has a 1Hz resolution.

Resolution bandwidths (-3dB) 1kHz-1MHz in 1,3 steps. 

Video bandwidths 10Hz –1MHz in 1,3 steps.

Max input power: +20dBm.

Reference level: -80dBm to +20dBm in1dB steps.

RF attenuation 0-30dBs in 10dB steps, automatically coupled to reference level.

Display units:- (Logarithmic, dBm,dBuV, dBmV) Linear, uV,mV,V & nW,mW,W. Level error +/-1.5dB.

Trace Detector: autoPeak; MaxPeak; Sample, RMS.

Audio demodulation AM & FM.

Input impedance 50 Ohm.

Input connector “N”.

Physical dimensions: 170mmW x 120mmH x 270mm D. Weight: 2.5Kgm.

Battery charger, headphones & rod antennas are supplied.

A mains operated 100kHz-3GHz pre-amplifier is included.