EMC Hire is the UK’s largest hire company of Electromagnetic Compatability and Radio Frequency test equipment, offering a broad range of equipment available to rent including Current Probes, RF Amplifiers and EMF Meters.

Our services include:


The ‘CE’ Mark is placed on many products within the European Economic Area (EEA) to indicate a product’s compliance with EU legislation in order to allow free movement within the European “single market”.

At EMC Hire, we can supply a range of equipment to assist customers in the undertaking of this conformity assessment.

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EMF Directive

The EMF Directive details the minimum requirements for the protection of workers from risks to their health and safety arising, or likely to arise, from exposure to electromagnetic fields.

At EMC Hire, we can supply a range of EMF Meters to assist customers in the undertaking of this EMF exposure assessment.

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Defence EMC

Defence Standard 59-411 is the UK MODs EMC Standard which supersedes Defence Standard 59-41. This standard covers all aspects of testing based on the envisaged environment which the system will be utilised within, categorised into ‘classes’.

At EMC Hire, we can supply a range of equipment in order to test compliance with UK, NATO and US Military EMC Standards.

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Automotive Transients

There are ever increasing EMC threats including radio signals and transients in the automotive environment, this combined with reliance on technology for performance and safety, it is essential that EMC is designed and tested for.

This is achieved by gaining an E-Mark approval by fulfilling the requirements of UNECE Regulation 10.

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Many companies don’t do pre-compliance testing and hope that their product passes first time in a EMC test Laboratory, sometimes this strategy works but often this ends up costing companies far in excess of the original budget, this can be due to failures during the compliance EMC testing phase.

At EMC Hire, we offer short-term hire of testing equipment along with guidance and support for performing the tests.

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Test Services

We offer several test services including:

  • Shielding effectiveness test (SE) in accordance with (EN50147-1), (Mil.Std.285) or (IEEE-299).
  • Normalised Site Attenuation test (NSA)
  • EMC related test services

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